Not your ordinary


Go on… try to categorize The NORRIS NUTS? From Ellen Show to the X Games and the Olympics - this family has done all of that. What else? How about over 3 Million loyal audience of subscribers (the #LEGENDS) on YouTube with over half a BILLION video views (700M+) . A self-produced, hit song on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube with over 13 million plays. They compete in professional events in Surfing and Skateboarding, now Olympic Sports. There are already X Games and Olympic Medals in the family trophy cabinet. Being known online is one thing but what about mainstream traditional media? Appearances on The Ellen Show, TODAY Show, Sunrise, KISS FM, NOVA, Mashable, Daily Mail just to name a few. Come and get to know one of the most intriguing families of the new digital generation.



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What’s So Special?

The mix of frontline modern Digital Influence, Traditional Mainstream Media and Olympic Sports appeal is what makes this family so unique in a new landscape of ever-changing marketing trends and buzzwords.


Social Influence

Want an “Influencer” so you can tick that box - you’ll be dealing with one of the most prolific and engaged family YouTube channel brands in the world. No social stats are bought here - just read the detail in the comments. And all YouTube views are authenticated not like some other platforms. 2.6 Million YouTube subscribers “LEGENDS” on the main channel “The Norris Nuts” With 4 family channels on YouTube , They have a combined family reach over 6 Million across YouTube and Instagram.



The Norris kids have been featured in traditional network television, The Ellen Degeneres Show where Sabre was a regular guest throughout the 2016 and 2017 seasons. An interview on the TODAY show sent the press into a spin as Sabre and her siblings, Sockie and Biggy poked fun at their father. Their comedic timing, wit, cheeky nature delivered with warmth won the hearts of many viewers. The Norris Nuts have also been heard on all the major radio Networks throughout Australia as well as press newspapers and magazines.

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The 4 eldest children Sabre, Sockie, Biggy & Naz have been marked as “ones to watch” in the Olympic sports of Surfing & Skateboard by the governing bodies and key industry leaders. Sabre, the eldest - at just 13 was the youngest competitor in all of X Games 2018 when she took home the Silver medal in the Olympic discipline of Park Skateboarding. Now considered an Olympic medal chance in 2020. Sabre also competed as one of the youngest ever in a the professional WSL Surf event when she was awarded a Wildcard in the Sydney International, holding her own against the world’s best. The Norris Nuts work closely with master board shaper, Darren Handley (DHD) to make sure they are on the path to success.